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    Howdy folks…

    My company had a party on board one of our ships last week for the 500th anniversary of one of germany biggest and oldest fun fairs.
    They invited the managers of our company and lots of customers and business partners, a total of 120 People.
    The work area of the submarine cable and pipe laying vessel “Steinbutt” was cleared and a tent was build on it. I had to take care of the catering for the guests. Some salads and sides were supplied by a local party service.

    Somehow i didnt have a calm hand for good pics, so please forgive me some of the shaky shots.

    Heres the ship lyin in the harbour a couple of days before the event

    Then the tent was build and my smoker was loaded onto the ship

    A day before the event i went shopping and did lots of preparations.
    Then on thursday morning a buddy and i brought all the stuff on board and began the preparations. Off course we started with a bbq´ers breakfast.

    Ribeye and chorizo sausage with bread and chipotle butter

    That gave us the strenght to start working while the ship moved from the harbour to the place next to the fair.

    The menu was :

    -~90 pineapple/Grape Skewers with sugar/cinnamon/chili glaze

    -~150 cream cheese stuffed dates wrapped with bacon

    -~90 shrimp skewers with basil, bacon, olive oil and garlic, served with a tequila-cilantro mayonaise

    -50 Abt´s with cheddar cheese

    -40 Bratwurst with grilled pineapple, arugula and honey-mustard-dill sauce
    wrapped in grilled tortillas

    -6 pounds chicken drumsticks marinated in pineapple juice, rubbed with jerk seasoning and glazed with “pain is good” jerk BBQ Sauce.

    -22 pounds babyback ribs with texas bbq rub and home-made bourbon bbq sauce

    -35 pounds of pork loin, rubbed with buttrub/ brown sugar mixture and glazed with a reduced bourbon/orange jelly/sweet chili sauce mixture

    -13 pounds of boneless pork butt roast

    -11 pounds of argentinian beef striploin roast

    -6 Racks of lamb

    -6 pounds of cedar planked salmon

    -6 pounds of pig sticks with texasbbqrub and a tomato sauce

    -mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and herbs

    -Tomatoes with goat cheese and herb stuffing

    -120 grilled pralines

    I put all of that on with a little delay so i could serve it all over a 3 hour period.

    At the end of the night it was time for the worst part : Cleanup.

    The whole thing was a total success, all the people were very pleased and the management demanded to do the excact same thing again next year – with even more people.

    All thats left from all of that was 7 thin slices of the pork loin – and most of the salad buffet 🙄


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    wow it’s really wonderful *-*

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    It’s amazing, this is real BBQ culture.

    Unforgettable event.

    Thanks 4 sharing!!!!

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    Hiya DM !
    It’s always a plasure to read your adventures !
    I really love the pictures during loading/unloading your equipments
    to/off the ship,absolutely amazing and noticed some 20′ K’Line containers
    Obviously,the remaining pictures are extremely nice and they can give the good and common sense of true bbq.
    Cheers mate and once again,thanks a lot for sharing ! /vic

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    Ciao DM
    I was made an impression about your work!!!! my compliments )(/ )(/
    Nice to see that photos and the way that you used to prepare everything…

    One word… amazing

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    priceless moments on the boat!

    thanks for let us see all that good stuff!!

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    Don Marco… what can I say… astonishing! (:_(/

    sorry for my delay… I hope you’re still tuned.

    OMG! that’s something I have never even heard about! Such a nice preparation, with that huge variety in taste and flavours! *-*

    I must admit: that’s where I am aiming at – didn’t knew yet – hadn’t a defined objective, but you do really show me the way /vic

    I’m reading and reading hard at your grilling and barbecuing experiences, but still looking forward to hearing from you again some new presh suggestions and fat facts!

    thank you again,


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    Don Marco is a truly naughty boy !!! Definitely !!! /() [-] £|

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    …The BoatBeQue… (Barcabeque in italian?) really impressive! ):;)

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    hi donmarco, what kind of off set smoker is yours??? wich brand?

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